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The painting - a sunset beach scene

How we started...

Sunset beach painting

I taught my first painting class when I was approached by the women’s leader at church for an arts and craft event in 2017. I was surely excited but also very nervous, it was all new territory.

Getting ideas from the ladies, I settled on a sunset beach theme. Little did I know that it would be so difficult for beginners! Frustration aside, they enjoyed the process. Sometimes it's about the journey.

In the weeks following, a couple of them pestered me about the next painting class. I never intended to do another one – or even thought that I could be a painting teacher.

So, I decided to start with the two women, reminding them to be patient with me as I learned to teach. I'm so grateful to these women. They had enough faith in me that it grew to more friends and friends of friends joining us once a month.

Converting a messy garage into a beautiful studio during the 2020 lockdown, I have finally turned it into a business. Painting parties are fun and social. I take you step by step for a few hours and you take home your masterpiece! It is in acrylic paint so won't take too long to dry.

So, why not join us and explore your creativity? Book a session now!

Mother's day Arts & Crafts event | May 2017

Painting class conducted by Suzanne S. Balanay in 2017
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