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Painting Classes

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Artist teaching a step-by-step painting of a peacock

Looking for painting classes in Brisbane Southside? Try out Zanne Art Studio.

There are paint & sip classes everywhere right now! So how do you decide which one to pick? Well, if you’re looking for a painting class that’s a little more paint and a little less sip, join us at Zanne Art Studio. It’s perfect for those who want to try out a new hobby or flex their creative muscles.

What makes Zanne Art Studio different to your ordinary paint and sip?

I host what we call “Painting pARTies” at Zanne Art Studio in the Brisbane Southside, where we take things at a more graceful pace. You won’t be scrambling to finish each step and glug down your wine. We shift the focus a little more to learning how to paint in a more casual and friendly environment.

Zanne Art Studio classes are smaller and more intimate so that you can really develop your skills and get the most out of your class. Our classes have a maximum capacity of 15 people.

There are no strict rules when it comes to our classes. The colour schemes we use for the demo paintings are not fixed. Sometimes students want to change the colours of some flowers or change a sunset sky to a partly cloudy and sunny day. I go through the colour wheel and how to adjust to a new colour scheme so that your painting will suit the room you want to hang it in.

What do you get to learn from Painting pARTies?

At our painting classes, we go further than a step-by-step process. I teach you about painting techniques and how to best achieve the look we are going for. For example, we have done a Monet-style painting where we went over features of impressionism in a simple and digestible way. In one of our upcoming paintings, Friends of the Forest Floor, we will go through elements of realism and how to achieve it.

Friends of the Forest Floor

How do Painting pARTies work?

Most of my students come a little early to each class and get settled in. Some bring their own drinks and put them in the provided fridge, and some lay out some snacks. We’ve created a culture of relaxation, like you’re having tea with your friends — just be sure not to dip your paintbrush into your teacup.

I take you through each step whilst also explaining artistic techniques and take my time seeing how each student is going. I’m always open to questions and giving little tips and tricks.

Halfway through, we have afternoon tea and lounge in the garden for a bit. I provide coffee and tea for this little break. It’s a great opportunity to chat and give yourself a stretch.

Before you know it, the painting class is over and you’ll hang your apron up by the door. And don’t forget your painting, you’ll have to hang it up when you get home.

Who is my teacher?

Your teacher will be yours truly, Suzanne Balanay. I am a Brisbane-based artist that loves to create watercolour pieces, acrylic and oil paintings. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and have been painting for as long as I can remember. I’ve also dabbled in many forms of art, from murals to fashion design.

How are the paintings designed for each class?

I carefully craft each painting in a way that is possible for novice painters but also look amazing on your bedroom wall. I explore different techniques, themes and subjects to produce an original painting that suits a 3-hour painting class. Even though some paintings may seem daunting, just like many of my students, you’ll be surprised with what you are capable of.

Where can I sign up?

Check out our Painting pARTies page to view all our upcoming classes. If you find a painting that you would love to do and book yourself (and a friend) for your next painting class. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on new paintings.

Any questions? Enquire with us today.


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